Fifty years of quality American-made products for the dog.

The Original PupLight®


See and be seen with PupLight®, the original LED Flashlight for your dog.

  • Locate your dog in the backyard
  • Light a path ahead on walks
  • Uses 3 standard AAA batteries

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Frequently Asked Questions

Insert Batteries

 Press area just below the ON/OFF switch until gap appears. Gently pull apart the two halves. Place three AAA batteries in compartment. Align front and rear-edge grooves and snap halves back together. 

  • Uses 3 standard AAA batteries
  • 150+ hours running time
  • For a brighter light, use Lithium batteries!

Adjust Band Size

Make adjustments so band is snug. For larger dogs, clip on the included band extension. Place band beneath existing collar or choke chain on double up part of band. PupLight® can also be attached to existing collar.

  • Fits 8" to 26" neck sizes
  • Elastic band slips on or buckle in place

Small Dogs

With PupLight® facing you, remove screw and hex nut. Rotate collar clip 180°. Place PupLight® on top of collar clip, aligning hinges. Reinsert hinge screw in round hole. Insert hex nut into hex hole. Attached light to elastic band.

  • Weighs only 2 ½ ounces
  • Light enough for small dogs